Church Resources

One of the unique aspects of service to local congregations is the opportunity to meet with local leaders and direct them to the right resources or help them solve a critical need in their church. 

Whether you are looking for an intentional interim or simply someone to pulpit supply we are here to help.

We can assist with:
– Church Staffing
– Retirement Solutions
– Compensation Packages
– Elder selection
– Succession planning and more.  

Whatever your ministry question, we are here to help.

Give us a call at 507.288.4563 or email to learn more.

"We hired Dr. Curtis McGinnis as an interim pastor when our senior pastor of 40 years announced his retirement. Not only did Dr. McGinnis work diligently with the church leadership to develop a clear vision and plan for the future of our church, but he quickly connected with our congregation in a way that resulted in stability within the church. Dr. McGinnis's knowledge and experience in church planning and development were instrumental with the hiring of our new senior pastor. Thanks to Dr. McGinnis the transition of hiring a new senior pastor was seamless and has led to a growing and healthy church."
Jason Timm
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