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Natural Church Development (NCD) is an assessment tool based on an international study of 1,000 churches in 32 countries with the goal of discovering principles of church health that are universally valid across cultures. The research findings confirmed eight quality characteristics, or eight systems that keep a church engaged in God’s mission in a healthy manner. These eight systems are:

  • Empowering leadership
  • Gift Based Ministry
  • Passionate Spirituality
  • Inspiring Worship
  • Effective Structures
  • Need Oriented Evangelism
  • Holistic Small Groups
  • Loving Relationships

NCD is a long-term strategic process for progressively improving a church’s health. Research has shown that 85% of churches that have gone through the second cycle show both qualitative and quantitative increase! Further they have discovered that churches who repeated this cycle for three years’ experience these four realities:

  • Each quality characteristic averaged a 6% increase.
  • They have increased their worship attendance by 51%.
  • Transfer growth decreased and conversion growth increased.
  • The work-load of the pastor decreased because they learned how to delegate and empower others.

An NCD assessment will pinpoint areas of strength and weakness in your church, helping determine what systems are working and which ones need attention. We can be your coach to help guide you through an action plan of improvement.

The cost:

  • $250 for the assessment
  • Coaching cost varies (scholarships are available)

If you would like to schedule an NCD assessment for your church, please contact Curtis McGinnis at

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