Pastor Care


  • 25% of Pastors don’t know where to turn when they have a family or personal conflict or issue.
  • 33% felt burned out within their first five years of ministry.
  • 40% report serious conflict with a parishioner at least once a month.
  • 50% have considered leaving the ministry in the last months.
  • 50% of the ministers starting out will not last 5 years.
  • 90% feel they are inadequately trained to cope with the ministry demands.
  • As many as 2,000 pastors leave the ministry each month.

Statistics provided by The Fuller Institute, George Barna, LifeWay Research, and Pastoral Care Inc.

Where can Pastors turn in times of need? Who comes to your side when you are drained? Who pauses to pray for you when you face ministry overload? 

We provide Pastor Care through coaching, phone calls, face-to-face meetings, and prayer.

Contact Rick Walston, Director of Pastor Care at

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