Crossroads Foundation

The Crossroads Foundation exists to support Christ-centered education. Scholarships are available for those attending a Christian college for the advancement of their education. With an established perpetual endowment fund of over $2 million, there is no end in sight to this opportunity!

So, whether you are a student looking to attend a Christian University, or a church seeking to train your existing leaders, we have a scholarship for you!

The Foundation will solicit, receive, and manage contributions for the purpose of giving financial assistance to qualified and selected applicants.

A Scholarship Committee appointed by the Board of Directors will review the applications and select scholarship recipients. All applicants will be notified of the decision concerning their application by June 15th.

Crossroads Foundation Scholarship Application

Stipulations for applying for the Crossroads Foundation Scholarship

  1. Attending an Independent Christian Church/Church of Christ, and/or attending, or plan to attend, an approved Independent Christian Church/Church of Christ college full time (12hrs min.)
  2. Applicant must have at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA, if currently attending college.

Procedure for applying for a Crossroads Foundation Scholarship Application

  1. Application and all information listed below must be completed by the candidate, or designated party, and submitted on or before the stated deadline. It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to have all materials completed and turned in prior to the deadline. Applicants are welcome to contact the office to confirm receipt / check on status.
  2. Essay: 500-1,000 words explaining how a Christian Education will prepare you for being a servant leader.
  3. Transcript of grades (if in college be sure to include recent fall semester). If home-schooled, a copy of ACT or SAT scores.
  4. Current photo of applicant.
  5. Completed Minister’s Evaluation Form.
  6. Applicants will be advised of the decision of the Foundation concerning the application. It will be the intention of the Foundation to also notify the scholarship recipient’s school of his/her award.
  7. Once a student is awarded a grant, he/she need not re-apply. The Foundation does require a statement of enrollment along with a transcript of grades from the student each year.

Recipients of scholarship aid from the Crossroads Foundation will be selected by the Scholarship Selection Committee. Scholarships will be awarded based on the number of applications received and money available.

  1. The stipulations for receiving a Crossroads Foundation scholarship are binding throughout the recipient’s education. Previous recipients may not be re-considered if any of the following conditions apply:
    • Recipient does not maintain a B grade average.
    • Recipient transfers to a non-approved college.
    • Recipient is no longer considered full-time.
  2. The Directors of the Foundation also reserve the right to terminate a scholarship for what a majority believe to be academic incompetence, immorality or unbecoming conduct on the part of a Crossroads Foundation scholarship recipient. Actions such as being placed on probation by the college or being expelled from school will potentially disqualify a recipient from future awards, unless strong evidence can be produced that they have made dramatic change in their life.
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