Heritage & History

Our heritage is in the network of churches known as the Restoration Movement (sometimes identified as the Stone Campbell Movement or Christian Churches/Churches of Christ.) In keeping with the historic distinctives of this network of churches we commit to embracing unity with all like-minded congregations as well as with other Christian networks and groups.

A Brief Overview

  • 1910: Scandinavian Christian Unity Missionary Society founded to reach to 1 million Scandinavians living in Minnesota.
  • 1912: International Christian Missionary Bible College Association  incorporated for the purpose of establishing a Bible college.
  • 1913: International Christian Missionary Bible College founded by David E. Olson in Minneapolis at the corner of 15th and University Avenue SE.
  • 1924: Institution renamed Minneapolis Bible College, then Minnesota Bible University (1932), and Minnesota Bible College (1942). 
  • 1971: Minnesota Bible College moved to Rochester, MN.
  • 2002: Minnesota Bible College renamed Crossroads College.
  • 2016: Crossroads College ceased offering classes.
  • 2017: Campus sold to Bear Creek Christian Church.
  • 2018: Crossroads partnered with Hope International University to begin offering Christian higher education under the name HIU-Minnesota.
  • 2020: Rebranded and renamed Crossroads Church Partners to better reflect our widespread mission and multiple educational partnerships.

International Christian Bible College in Minneapolis, MN.

Crossroads College

Minnesota Bible College/Crossroads College in Rochester, MN.

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